At wearMEunder we care about the planet we live in.

We are not going to go on and on about what you can do to help, instead we are going to tell you how we ourselves are trying to make a difference.

In order to be part in making a difference, we are taking steps to change without affecting you. In fact, by continuing to support us YOU are ALSO making a difference!

Here are some of the steps we are taking to streamline our operations at wearMEunder:

  • Cutting down the amount of printing we do: by doing so we are using less paper and also ink. This is why from August 2017 we no longer include a packing slip along with your wearMEunder package. We are also stopping the use of internal printing between departments by developing a more streamlined and interactive behind the scenes system.


  • Cutting Carbon Footprint: by working with our manufacturers and delivery partners, we are looking into ways of reducing the carbon footprint needed to not only get all components that make up a garment to its final destination but also to us in the UK.


  • Streamline Production: with the help of our suppliers and manufacturers, we are changing some of the processes we use to create a wearMEunder garment. We are doing this by trying to use more sustainable materials, using less chemicals for fabric treatments, coloring, etc.


We are well aware we still have a good deal more of good deeds we can do for our planet, but we believe by taking these steps we are growing in the right direction.