Garment Care
Caring for Your skIns!
We know our customers take great pride in looking after themselves.
Your skIns (underwear) should matter to you too, just like your own skin.

Here are a few of the things you should completely avoid when caring for your skIns:

Softners & Bleaches:

Microfibers do not take kindly to these. Our microfibers combinations/fabrications have been created to be soft and silky on their very own with no need for extras. Keep it for the towels you dry your lovely self with! No matter how active you are, washing your garments with a good detergent should suffice and allow for your skIns to live longer.

Drying Machines & Tumble Dryers:

Drying machines are bad for any clothing as they virtually weaken the fibers with the extreme heat and friction. Tumble drying may be less harmful but still cause the fabrics to rub against each other, of which the pressure and speed makes it almost like sandpaper constantly rubbing against each other. Therefore ruining the silky smoothness of your skIns.

Direct Sunlight:

Just as it is harmful to your skin, the UVA/B rays make colours fade fast and elastics to weaken and break.

Caring for your skIns:

100% Cotton

Cotton is a very durable fabric and needs only cold water washing. Never wash in hot water, even though it is durable it is still a delicate garment! Air dry.

Stretch Cottons

Cotton that has been infused with spandex/elastane for durability, comfort and fit/functionality needs no heat once again. Wash in cold water. Air dry.


Man made fabrics that are silky soft and stretchy. They are easy to wash in cold water. Heat is their very worst enemy so never use a machine dryer as this can literally melt the fibers. Air dry.

Bamboo, Modal & other natural fibers

These are fabrics that are naturally ultra soft. Wash in cold water. Air dry.

Sheer & Mesh Fabrics

These are super delicate fabrics. Ensure to wash in cold water. Air dry only!

We would advise to wash all underwear separately from other clothing. Towels are rough, jeans have metal pieces in them, etc and all these can damage your underwear.
Underwear are delicates, no matter how tough you are, your underwear isn't and shouldn't be! Treat them with care and they will maintain color and have an extended life!