As a brand, we take pride in building upon our 3 core behaviors. We like to call these fundamental values our essential 3 i's which are:


DARE YOU... wearMEunder!


We know how important it is for us to let you know more on our brand... so here it goes!


At wearMEunder we believe every man is special.


Long gone are the days when women ruled the underwear world, with all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to look good and feel better by what they are wearing under...


The time for men to feel and look confident and super sexy has come and wearMEunder is here to help!We are happy to offer man everywhere something new and exciting.




Our limited edition underwear and swimwear is specially manufactured with woven fabrics specifically selected for a number of reasons.


Firstly, we believe underwear and swimwear is just an extension of you, therefore they feel like you are wearing nothing but you whilst still providing all the comfort and functionality that underwear is supposed to. That is why we call them skIn(s)!


wearMEunder products have been especially woven to provide breath-ability even during times of friction and body heat rise, from day to day wear to physical exercise. Seams and stitching have been placed not just to build the product but to accentuate features, provide comfort and support.




wearMEunder garments are designed and crafted with a confident, strong and independent man in mind whom is unafraid to explore and experiment with his own style!


At the forefront of the wearMEunder approach quality and individuality are paramount. Traditional underwear and swimwear designs are reinterpreted and transformed into new found classics.


Men have grown not only more and more aware of body image but also in style consciousness. By focusing on these aspects, wearMEunder encompasses them as being part of a personal lifestyle need as opposed to simply a mere optional choice.


 wearMEunder skIns are produced in limited quantities, sold only through our website and select retailers assuring a high level of exclusivity.